Who are we

FhUNDIT are a company driven by technology with a vision for change in the foreign exchange industry also known as FX. We breathe innovation and use cloud-based payment software encompassing powerful SMART functionality to facilitate financial transactions cross-border. International payments and collections can be a complex process and cause undue anxiety, they don’t need to be with FhUNDIT. Our cloud-based platform removes complexity, making the movement of foreign currency cross-border easy, secure giving the customer full control over their transactions with a 100% clarity.

We know the process of FX and are positioned strategically to enhance it; our team are a select group of entrepreneurs with many decades of experience resolute for change using the FhUNDIT business model.

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Fhundit Are Different

FhUNDIT like to do things differently, having a core belief that the customer should be made aware of exactly what is happening with their money, having clear insight on intermediaries, FX brokers, banks, charges, costs, exchange rates, retail, wholesale, platform, software, everyone and everything being fully transparent. Implementing an exciting new business model called FhUNDIT which is underpinned by FX enabling clients to receive market leading exchange rates and funded products is our end goal. There should be nothing to hide, a vast amount of cross-border payments exchange globally every day and as a company we want to bring more transparency to how FX works, it is that simple! FhUNDIT are able to offer a generous reward system to their clients by removing the intermediary from the process. Combining a low overhead operation through our cloud-based payment platform and taking a small percentage from the exchange rate as margin enables the FhUNDIT business model to work financially for us as a company.

How does it work

A business or personal customer who is interested in a FREE no obligation quote on FX will register their interest on the FhUNDIT website by filling in a quick online request form. Once registered and compliance checks are successful, they will receive a login and have access to the cloud-based payment platform dashboard. They will be assigned a dedicated account manager to assist through the process of making transactions, and to understand any specific requirements. The platform is configured to show the FhUNDIT reward before the customer makes a decision to proceed with a transaction on a transfer.


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A successful computer software designer with programming skills envied by many. Always in high demand due to…

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