FX Opportunity​

Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world. In 2020 an estimated $5.3 trillion dollars are traded daily in forex. FhUNDIT are driving URGENT collaboration to secure a proportion of this amount to assist TREE AID with emergency support for those who rely on trees for food.

We use leading cloud-based payment software encompassing powerful SMART functionality to facilitate financial transactions cross-border, making the movement of foreign currency fast, cheap, easy and secure.

Urgent help​

We are living in unprecedented times and heading towards a global catastrophe through climate change which is contributing to a collapse in human health, economic stability having devastating effects for all mankind.

FhUNDIT are working collaboratively with Charities, Associations, Corporates, SMEs, to enable the opening of doors into their supporters, members and network to generate funds FREE for those who are in most need of assistance the most.

Funding The Great Green Wall​

Companies can support TREE AID generating financial revenue without giving from their own resources. How?

A company allows FhUNDIT to quote for their FX. If they accept and proceed with the quote, a financial donation is generated. FhUNDIT give 80% of their margin from the transaction to TREE AID. ITS THAT SIMPLE! Any savings or extra currency the company makes through the exchange rates offered by FhUNDIT stay with the company at all times. The donation comes from FhUNDIT operating as a social enterprise.


FhUNDIT are not asking companies for any money, they are introducing them to a FX facility that will give extra currency on their international transactions compared to their current FX supplier, and in turn generate income for the charity TREE AID.

 FhUNDIT being a social enterprise give 80% from their margin on every transaction. A mass media campaign will be launched naming the companies who supported this initiative

Payment platform

The platform transacts more than TWENTY BILLION GBP a year!

The APIs and platform are used by several international leading fintech’s, and multiple banks.

Volume of financial transaction enables FhUNDIT access to interbank market exchange rates.
Wholesale exchange rates to our customers, rates which are normally for large companies transacting multi-million-pound payments.


Compete with any FX supplier on international payments and are super confident we will not be beaten on the exchange rates we can offer. Competitive exchange rates result in extra currency for customers transacting international payments through our platform. The platform is fully regulated with the FCA and is the safest cloud-based payment system available on the market today. Market leader in B2B cross border payment technology. All funds going through the platform are segregated with Barclays PLC.


Click on one of the registration links below to register. It is a quick registration process and once compliance has processed the application to meet FCA regulatory requirements access is given to the platform and a dedicated account manager will take you through the full quoting process.