Market Leading
Exchange Rates for Good!

Pioneering collaboration to create income that has global impact for contribution towards environmental, social and economic prosperity.


FhUNDIT are a social enterprise having a vision for ethical change in the FOREX industry also known as FX. Pioneering collaboration to create income generation opportunities that can have global impact and contribute to environmental, social and economic prosperity. We use leading cloud-based payment software encompassing powerful SMART functionality to facilitate financial transactions cross-border, making the movement of foreign currency fast, cheap, easy and secure.


Charities, associations and commercial enterprises can work as intermediaries and earn substantial revenue from FhUNDITs social enterprise to support their good causes. Innovation is vital within organisations to adopt new methods in their operations for income generation. There is an undeniable need for recognition on the importance of change, constructive collaboration, trusted and transparent partnerships for the betterment of humanity.


NOW! There has never been a more URGENT time in mankind’s history than today for collaboration. Climate Change, Deforestation, Coral Bleaching, Rising Sea levels, Desertification, Social Inequality, Poverty and more recently the pandemic of COVID 19 are all having devastating effects on human health and the economy. Drastic action is needed to alleviate the suffering and distress that we all have become accustomed to, either personally or by what we witness in the media.


GLOBAL! Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world. In 2020 an estimated $5.3 trillion dollars are traded daily in forex. FhUNDIT are driving social change to secure a proportion of this amount to assist the international community for good, not just to those of a certain race, demographic or geographical location, EVERYBODY! Using FhUNDITs Cloud Based Payment Platform for international payments will result in support to those who need it most.


FhUNDIT believe in ethical FX. Working collaboratively with FhUNDIT Partners to enable the opening of doors into their network to allow the facilitation of FX via FhUNDIT. Generous referral fees are paid to our FhUNDIT Partners for “door opening” into their supporters, members and contacts. A MASSIVE 80% of FhUNDITs margin on every transaction is paid to our FhUNDIT Partners for use in providing impactful solutions to the most pressing problems facing mankind today for the benefit of all.


Platform Safety

FhUNDIT use the safest cloud-based payment platform available today, used to power certain VISA applications, banking apps, several leading fintech companies, circa 150 regulated FX brokers.

Protected Platform

The platform is protected with the highest encrypted security available, using SSL certificates.

Trusted Accounts

All client funds are received in separate client trust accounts, held in tier-1 banks (e.g. Barclays PLC).

Cross-border Trust

The platform used by FhUNDIT is currently transacting over £20 Billion per annum, totalling 1.6M transactions.

Quote Process


10-minute registration by filling in a quick online request form. Once submitted and compliance checks are processed to meet regulatory requirements a login password will be given to enable access to the cloud-based payment platform dashboard.


Access real-time wholesale FX rates with automated end-to-end payment processes enabling the sending of money to bank accounts anywhere in the world, customers having complete control with their digital multi-currency account.


All payments are sent via the SWIFT network and will credit your receivers account within minutes. Store beneficiary details and send payments to multiple beneficiaries, view all of your previous trades and payments with online search functionality and find data quickly.


Every transaction a company undertakes, a referral fee is given to the charity, association or commercial partner. FhUNDIT operate as a social enterprise and work with intermediaries who use their funds for good.